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Goat Leather Bags – A Great Choice

Goat leather bags


Goat leather bags invoke a sense of freedom and adventure in the proud owner. Goat leather bags are not designed with the “gucci” crowd in mind but more for the adventurous spirit, the individual who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Goat leather bags conjure images of Indiana Jones on a wild crusade in foreign lands.

Goat leather bags and the goat leather has quite a few benefits over bags made from other leathers, it is soft, lightweight and also strong and flexible at the same time.The main feature though that most people buy goat leather bags for is the beautiful natural rugged look that is created with the leather. The goat leather bags gathers more character with use and so worn in goat leather bags become one of your favourite items just like your favourite pair of jeans.

The goat leather is very widely used to make goat leather bags in countries where goat is used as food, in fact goat meat is one of the most widely eaten meats worldwide (if not the most widely eaten). Western people often find it amusing (or peculiar) to see goat leather bags and products such as satchels and travel bags as they are not often seen in our culture. The usage of goat leather bags is becoming more popular in recent times, and there is a growing following of fans of goat leather bags.

The super cool range of goat leather bags from Vagabond Travel Gear are made from this versatile leather into distinctive eye-catching designs and styles for many uses.

The Vagabond goat leather bags range includes satchels, briefcases, laptop bags, iPad bags and document bags for business or student use. Then there is the goat leather bags range for travelling which comprises of various sizes of overnight bag, gym bags, onboard bags, duffel bags, backpacks and small day bags, all made from goat leather. Goat leather bags are all strong and lightweight and look terrific for men or women who like to have a more relaxed, more casual look.

Men enjoy the rugged looks of the Vagabond Travel Gear range of goat leather bags and also the great value that these goat leather bags give due to the low cost when compared to other types of leather. These days men carry so much on them with their wallet, phone, keys, water, iPad etc. that man bags are becoming much more common. The style of the Vagabond goat leather bags allows men to feel comfortable with a very masculine look.

There is also a range of handbags, shoulder bags and tote bags for ladies which look really cool and feminine, and are also strong and hardwearing.

The leather in goat leather bags is a vegetable tanned leather which is then oiled and sun dried to produce the distinctive natural looks, and it is normally backed with a canvas lining before sewing into bags to give it extra durability. The finished goat leather bags product is a distinctive looking object that is durable and practical.

How to look after goat leather bags

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Goat leather bags are easy to look after with just a moisturising cream or conditioner and a soft cloth. Any scuffs and marks can be easily attended to¬†and rather than standing out as a mark that shouldn’t be there, they make the bag more interesting looking with additional character.

There are many types of leather conditioners in the shops, they come in all kinds of packaging and price points, but one made from natural ingredients is ideal. You can even apply a vegetable oil to the bag if the bag has an original oiled finish, as this is what has been used to create the gorgeous natural look. Any vegetable oil will do the trick, olive oil is good, mustard oil is often used when the goat leather bags are made, so if you can get your hands on mustard oil this will be ideal.

To achieve the colour of the goat leather bags, after oil has been applied, the craftman then puts the bag in the sun to dry the oil. This gives the goat leather bags it’s colour, and so goat leather bags that have a darker colour have usually had more than one treatment of oil and sun drying.

All leather products are susceptible to mold if they are stored in damp conditions, and this applies to goat leather bags also, so it’s best to keep your bag in a light and well ventilated area when not being used. If mold does begin to form on the goat leather bags you can remove it with a diluted bleach on a soft cloth and then when dry re-oil the bag or apply conditioning cream to put the softness back into the leather.

When new, goat leather bags have a distinctive leather aroma that fades away over a month or two of regular use. Some people may find the aroma a little strong initially but will in most cases be happy once it fades. Then there are others, the goat leather bag fans who love the aroma and to them that is a reason for buying the bag.

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